Healing Gemstones & How They Can Help You


Agate - Brings stability.

Amazonite - Aids creativity.

Amethyst - Thought to aid in pain relief and the reduction of insomnia, arthritis and circulatory issues. The gemstone of meditation, peace, balance, courage and inner strength.

Aquamarine - Thought to aid the liver, throat, stomach, jaw, teeth, eyes and ears. Releases fear, calms nerves and brings mental clarity.

Aventurine - Brings luck in money matters.

Carnelian - Thought to aid action & movement.

Chrysoprase - Aids self acceptance and lifts self doubt.

Crystal - Helps inner balance and meditation.

Fluorite – Brings protection to its wearer. Prevents mental confusion.

Garnet -  Thought to aid blood, heart and lungs and is known to promote romantic love, passion, sensuality and intimacy.

Hematite - Aids grounding & boosts self-confidence.

Kyanite - Aids clear communication.

Lapis - Thought to aid in the alleviation of insomnia and depression. Also known for creating openness, truthfulness and creativity.

Moonstone - Increases intuition.

Obsidian - Brings clarity of thought.

Onyx - Associated with the root chakra, brings spiritual inspiration and control over emotions.

Pearl - Known for its calming properties. Aids purity, charity, integrity, truth and loyalty.

Peridot - Thought to heals stress in relationships, lessening anger and jealousy and slowing aging. Promotes abundance and prosperity.

Rose Quartz - Aides in love.

Ruby - Aids the emotions, increases integrity, devotion and happiness.

Sapphire - The gemstone of creative expression, inner peace and meditation. Aids in personal expression and thought to aid in the alleviation of pain.

Sunstone - Eliminates fears.

Tiger Eye - Balances Yin and Yang and protects against stress.

Topaz - One of the most powerful gemstones, Topaz facilitates the balance of emotions and provides protection from greed.

Turquoise - A gemstone steeped in lore and tradition, Turquoise is a healing and balancing stone.