Moonstone The Birthstone for June

Beautiful Moonstone – One of the Birthstones for June

Moonstone & Sterling Silver Cufflinks

If you are lucky enough to have your birthday fall in the month of June then the beautiful translucent Moonstone is one of your birthstones.

As its name implies, Moonstone is closely associated with lunar mystery and magic. It is believed to have calming, balancing energies.

Moonstone & Sterling Silver Heart Pendant

Also known as the Traveler’s Stone, it’s thought to protect travelers at night. Moonstone is also believed to help insomnia and sleepwalking, encourage sound sleep and create good dreams.

 The Romans admired Moonstones and believed they were formed from moonbeams. Both the Romans and the Greeks associated Moonstone with their lunar deities.

Hindu mythology also told that moonstone was made from the moon’s ethereal light. In India, moonstone is considered a sacred and magical “dream stone” that can bring beautiful dreams at night.


Thanks to the American Gem Society