What Colour Jewellery Suits Me?

What Colour Stones Will Match What I’m Wearing?

Firstly it’s important to say that not everyone wants to match their jewellery to their outfit. Some people have a favourite pieces that they wear all day, everyday, but if you have a special outfit and you are looking for jewellery to set it off I hope this helps.

Some people like to mix it up a bit and wear clashing colours like blue with red or orange with pink this can look great when you get it right.

Cameron Diaz Looks Stunning in Cerise & Turquoise


Cameron Diaz wears turquoise necklace

Turquoise gemstone necklace

If however you are looking to match jewellery to an outfit here are some points to think about. Gemstones change in different lights, a Carnelian may appear quite rusty red by day but brown red by night. Translucent stones like Labradorite and Moonstone may only come into their own at night, when their natural iridescence shines through.

 Our Translucent Moonstone Cuff Links and Iridescent Labradorite Earrings

  Labradorite Drop Earrings

If you are going to be photographed then the camera light can affect the gemstone colour too. A gemstone that matched perfectly in daylight may be different in artificial light. My advice would be to think carefully about trying to find a stone that matches exactly and go for one that is close match or a contrast to what you are wearing.

Our Smoky Quartz earrings that Ting is wearing with her red dress look great as they contrast beautifully.

 Ting wearing Franki Baker Smoky Quartz Earrings Smoky Quartz Earrings


Helen Mirren looking Beautiful Wearing Two Shades of Green

Helen Mirran wearings earrings Green Chalcedony Arts & Crafts Earrings


Aqua Chalcedony comes in a wonderful variety of baby blue to green and can look stunning when there is only just a slight match to the colour your outfit. Pastel coloured gems like pink Opal, Lace Agate or again Chalcedony make great versatile pieces to go with different coloured outfits.

Blue Lace Agate Drop Earrings


Pearls come in so many colours, many are dyed but natural pearls have a colour rating which can be matched very well if you want to match your earrings & pendant for example. Pearls look great with most outfits and are timeless because of it.

Angelina Jolie Chooses White Pearls To Contrast With Black Always A Winner

Angelina Jolie wearing pearl earrings
Pearl Jewellery


Another great eye catching trick is to wear a patterned outfit and pick out one colour and match your jewellery to that colour. Multi coloured jewellery is a versatile way of always having something that matches many outfits you pull out of your wardrobe.

Julie Walters Looks Vibrant With Multi Coloured Necklace

 Julie Walters wearing necklace Multi-coloured gemstone necklace Multi-coloured gemstone earrings

What's your style? Send us a photo we'd love to see.