November 09, 2023

How do I know if the crystal I am buying is a genuine natural gemstone or an imitation?

How do I know if the crystal I am buying is a genuine natural gemstone or an imitation? View full article →
December 01, 2022

Turquoise & Tanzanite- The Birthstones of December

December birthdays have two birthstones, Tanzanite & Turquoise, which have one thing in common….they come in shades of blue. Turquoise also comes in a beautiful blue/green colour too.


Turquoise is thought to have the longest history as a gemstone used in jewellery. The pharaohs and other rulers of ancient Egypt adorned themselves with it. Chinese artisans carved it more than 3,000 years ago. Today's turquoise comes mainly from Iran, New Mexico and China.

Turquoise is believed to possess many beneficial powers, like bringing health and good fortune. From the 13th century on, it was believed that turquoise would protect the wearer from falling (especially off horses), and would break into several pieces at the approach of disaster. Hindu mystics maintained that seeing a turquoise after beholding the new moon ensured fantastic wealth.

Tanzanite is a relative newcomer to the world of coloured gemstones, but it was one of the most exciting gem discoveries of the 20th century. Blue stones mined in Tanzania were identified as the mineral zoisite in 1962 but not until 1967 did prospectors locate the primary source for this December birthstone in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania. Tiffany & Co. became its main distributor and in 1968 Tanzanite quickly became a sensation and today it is not only a December birthstone, but it is also the gem for the 24th wedding anniversary.


August 16, 2022

Peridot - the Birthstone for August

"Wear a Peridot or for thee,
No conjugal fidelity,
The August born without this stone,
`Tis said, must live unloved; alone."

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December 28, 2020

Garnet Jewellery - the Beautiful Birthstone of January

"By her who in this month (January) is born
No gem save garnets should be worn;
They will ensure her constancy,
True friendship, and fidelity."
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May 11, 2020

April 02, 2020

April 02, 2020

What if my Birthstone is a Diamond? Diamond Alternatives

Diamonds can be very expensive and cheaper lower grade diamonds can be very disappointing in terms of colour, clarity and sparkle. There are a number of natural and lab created gemstones that can be substituted that look very similar to diamonds except that they don’t cost a fortune! View full article →
March 01, 2020

Bloodstone - The Birthstone for March


If you are lucky enough to have a birthday in March there are two birthstones associated with this month: Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

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March 01, 2020

Aquamarine- Beautiful Aquamarine Birthstone for March

Aquamarine- Beautiful Aquamarine The Birthstone for March.
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February 09, 2020

A Guide to Wearing a Statement Necklace

How to wear a statement necklace & stand out from the crowd.


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