Clear Alligator Quartz Gemstone & Sterling Silver Rough Cut Tube Pendant Necklace

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About the Jewellery

This is an exciting new design where we have used a rough cut Alligator Quartz Gemstone cut into an obelisk shape. The Alligator Quartz Gemstone is transparent and there are interesting inclusions and specks visible within each gemstone. This makes for a rugged, natural look. The gemstones are not straight and you will be able to feel some rough & chipped textures on some of the facetted surfaces. Please note that it is not our intention to create a smooth pendant but one that, we feel, reflects the natural beauty of this gemstone. Each one is hand made and may vary very slightly from our photo. This pendant would suit someone looking for a gemstone that does not look polished but still retains the true charismatic of the original stone. Chain Length: 50cm Pendant Length with bale: 4.5cm Gemstone Size approx: 4cm