Sterling Silver Blue Topaz, Sapphire & Aqua Chalcedony Nano Gem Pendant Necklace. Length: 40cm + 5cm extension

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About the Jewellery

This really stunning pendant necklace is made using Nano Gems which have a beautiful natural gemstone colour in a Sterling Silver setting. We have chosen to combine 3 different shades of blue gems. There is a large Aqua Chalcedony Nono gemdrop at the end surrounded by CZ crystals to give a sparkle. Above this is an interesting arrangement, an oval Sapphire Nano gem, 2 Blue Topaz Nano gems & 2 round cut small Sapphire Nano gems. The gems are set with 925 Sterling Silver which has been Rhodium Plated to keep the silver shiny. Nickel free & non allergic. Length of pendant: 4cm Width of pendant: 1.7cm. Chain length: 40cm+5cm extension. Matching earrings 7865

What are Nano Gems?

Our Nano Crystals are a newly created type of gemstone made especially for jewellery. These gemstones are created in a lab & are not mined in the way traditional gemstones are sourced. The material is uniform in colour and is very close to the natural gems in colour, hardness, refractive index, and luster, unlike glass. Furthermore, they don't cause the same level of environmental impact as mining, which requires the removal of earth and consumes freshwater and fossil fuels. Plus, their origins are not questionable so they are without the ethical questions that mining creates.

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