How To Clean Silver Chains the Easy, Safe Way...

How To Clean Silver Chains the Easy, Safe Way…

Firstly, before I start I must remind you that this easy method is only for cleaning silver jewellery that have no gemstones set with it. It is ideal for a silver chain that has turned black or a pair of silver earrings that have lost their luster. It must not be used for gemstones, paste or any other items set into the piece as it could cause damage to some gemstones.

You will need:

  • Small bowl
  • Tin foil or aluminum foil
  • Boiling water
  • Bicarbonate of soda or baking soda
  • Salt
  • Tongs


* Line the bowl with tin foil, shiny side up.

* Add 2 teaspoons of baking soda or bicarbonate of soda & 1 teaspoon of salt to the bowl.

* Pour in boiling water, it will start to fizz a little.

* Place the jewellery in the water, use tongs as it will be hot.

* Leave for a few moments until you see the tarnish disappear and the shine come back.

* Carefully lift the hot jewellery out with tongs.

* Rinse and Polish with a soft cloth.

 This is a safe easy method you can do at home. Please remember not to do it to gemstone jewellery.