Dainty & Delicate Jewellery Collection

It is difficult to ignore the trend towards dainty, delicate jewellery. HRH The Duchess of Sussex would be one of the most prominent people to champion this new trend towards the minimalist style. 

We have created a collection of dainty delicate earrings, bracelets and pendants which closely follow this trend. When all you wear is a tiny pendant you want that pendant to be a statement piece with a beautiful natural gemstone of the best gemstone grade. The earrings should catch the light and twinkle as you move and should sit well in your ears. 

When all the jewellery you choose to wear is dainty it looks best worn against bare skin and not against the fabric of your clothes. The best backdrop for a beautiful gem is natural skin whatever the colour.

If you have skin allergies you want to avoid metals that will inflame your skin or bring you out in a rash. All our silver is non allergic and Nickel free. 

See our new dainty and delicate collection below.

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