Exciting New Gemstone - Chrysoprase by Cartier

Exciting new gemstones come onto the market every now and then and they do create a buzz. Maybe you will remember Tanzanite, a stunning blue coloured gemstone? Tanzanite is only found in one part of the world near Mount Kilimanjaro so it is pretty rare and expensive. There is now a new look gemstone on the block, Chrysoprase - a beautiful luminous milky green. Although Chrysoprase has been around forever, the jewellers Cartier have launched their new collection using this gemstone in an exciting designs inspired by the prickly cactus and giving it a whole new lease of life. Who would have thought that a cactus could be the inspiration for this beauty……



 The new Cactus de Cartier Collection has a chrysoprase cuff


This minty green or vivid apple-green gemstone is a variety of chalcedony that gets its unique colouring from nickel. Chrysoprase can be found all over the world including in the Americas, Africa and Asia.


We have our own ethnic version of the bracelet costing just a fraction of the price of the Cartier one. Ours has been handmade in India by women using real gemstone, shells and glass beads and is quite stunning and very unusual.


Here is our green beauty inspired by the sea…..